I am an artist and writer, living in Colorado in the summer and Arizona in the winter – a long way from my Canadian roots in Ontario, Canada.  I have been a visual artist for many years, graduating with a degree in fine art from a small college in Massachusetts after leaving a nursing career. The focus of my art has been painting, printmaking and mixed media/collage. In the last two years I embarked on a new road as well, that of writing poetry. My self-assigned education means reading poems (lots of them), studying poetry criticism and books about writing poetry as well as attending writing conferences.

For me the visual arts have always been the way of expressing who I am, how I see the world and what I am thinking about. The path of an artist demands continuous re-examination of goals, means and methods in order not to become “stuck” in routine. Writing poetry is a different art but draws from the same resources: memories of events, senses that evoke a particular place, awareness of the world and concentrated looking at my surroundings. There is a desire to express my thoughts in words and images that have meaning and reach out to the reader or viewer. Success, to me, is whether my work accomplishes my intent, is accessible to others, has some sense of mystery, shows well-considered composition and, most of all, expresses sincerity and beauty.

Creating anything is hard work but first you have to think about what you will create and that is hard work too. I will share with you my failures as well as any success that comes my way. My hope is to include others on my journey through art, poetry, stories and observations and that you will find something that provokes thought, appeals to your aesthetic sense and which may have personal meaning for you, my readers.

Thanks for being here.


7 Responses to About

  1. Barb Bowers says:

    Judy!! How can I be in touch with you? Please email me!

  2. I love hummingbirds! Unfortunately they leave the Charlotte area in October and don’t return until May. It is very lonely while they’re enjoying the tropics.

    • Jill, we have hummingbirds year round, here in Tucson in winter, summers in Colorado. I love these fierce little birds and have held them in my hand a couple of times.

      • Wow, I would love to hold one. I’ve gotten close enough to the feeder to get some good pictures, but I have never been able to hold one. I love to watch the intense battles around the feeder. They are extremely territorial little critters. 🙂

      • That they are, Jill, especially the rufous. Brave little hearts. The ones here compete with the gila woodpeckers which also like the nectar – they sneak in when the woodpeckers are sleeping on the big log poles holding up the porch. There is a whole world out there to write about.

  3. Your tagline about a calling might as well have reached out and grabbed me! Learning about other artists and their paths is what has kept me going as I embark on my own artistic endeavors. Thanks for sharing!

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